Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meet Pioneer Woman

For those of you that don't know her, should.  It really is in your best interest, your significant other's best interest, the best interest of your father, mother, sister, brother, neighbor and even your dog.  I was first introduced to her a couple of years ago by a friend.  The email to me said, "You must check out this website, this story reminded me of you!"  Now, in hind site, I resemble that comment.  I mean, I understand the need to hijack the book containing the sacred pages of your personal families recipes.  However, I would like to say that I have NEVER done it.  No ma'am.  Not to say that I haven't thought about it or even tried it and failed but I NEVER did it.  But, I will say that PW's impact on my life here on my prairie has been huge.  Her recipes have been cooked and eaten willfully (so far) so often that she is a household one of our pets. 

Recently, she released a cookbook.  Again, you must get it, cook from it...if you're reading this and haven't ever tried one of her recipes, I DEMAND that you pick one, any one, and cook it.  You may come back here and eat over your keyboard and read my posts, but only while eating something of hers.  Back to the cookbook, me and several other of my girlfriends, who are all equally as stranded in the sticks as me, loaded ourselves up for a road trip to Dallas to have our cookbooks signed.  NOTE:  I am not a groupy, roady or anything of the sort.  It was a one time deal, I am sure it increased the value of my cookbook and was an excuse for a girl's day.  That being said, it was supposed to be a kid free girls day.  Between the 4 of us that went, we have 18 kids (I only contribute 3 to the count).  But, at the last minute my husband had to work.  Determind not to miss out, we left at 11:00 am with my 3 kids in tow.  As we're leaving my oldest proceeds to ask if PW will be joining us for dinner after she is done signing books!  HAH!  My precious dear didn't understand that Ree Drummond does not know me from Adam, but because her blog is read and recipes cooked, she is cherished in our home (my husband kinda likes her too....or atleast the good eats). 

So, I have decided to cook my way through her recipes.  This is not another Julie/Julia project, but rather an opportunity for me to share something I love with my friends and we might even share a laugh or two along the way.  In the process of me testing my way through her recipes, you will have the opportunity to (love how I sold you on that) share a little of my day to day life. 

So, here's your homework:

Visit her site here and get her cookbook here.  And, I should add that when I posted this link her cookbook is on sale for $11.50 right now....go, steal it and cook away.  You'll thank me for it later.

 As for the original post that lured me to her blog and made me jump in hook, line and sinker, you should read it.  It is a recipe for Apple Dumplings, which I have never made, but what got me was the story.  You see, behind every good and worthwhile thing, there is a story.  So, even in my sacred cookbook, you will find my handwritten notes about my special recipes, where they came from and any story worth hearing about (and maybe a few not worth hearing about).  I hope that someday, my children will treasure my recipes enough to try to heist my cookbook from me.  It will give me something to smile about.....

This is my first and last post of 2009.  I hope all have a Happy New Year with many blessings!
Prairie Kerri