Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How A Wife Helps Her Husband With His Brakes

I thought I would share this story, of very little importance with you.  Actually, in hindsight, it might be of great importance for those that can learn from their mistakes.  However, for me, replacing brakes doesn't happen everyday, so I am sure the information I am about to share with you will be slow to come to mind if I am put in this situation again.  To tell you the truth, after what happened, I am almost certain my husband will NEVER ask for my help again. 

A few days ago, my dear husband, who still amazed me at what all he is capable of, was changing his brakes.  I steered clear of the barn unintentionally, but maybe I secretly knew my limitations.  I conveniently appeared in the barn, realizing that his work was almost done when I made my grand entrance.  The truck was elevated with not a wheel one touching the ground.  He only replaced the front brakes and rotors but being the man that he is, he went ahead and checked the back brakes to assess.  He was so sweet to explain to the ignorant about rotors and other brake "terms" and how these were the originals and probably couldn't be turned.  He gave me enough information to feel like an expert  in certain circles.  Whatever...who am I kidding. 

In the next moment, he asks me a question.  This is where the whole story starts to go south.  He says, "Hey can you get up in the truck and start it?"  I am wondering now if he knew what he was doing and if he saw the fear well up in me.  Having faith that he isn't going to let anything happen to the truck me, I carefully slide into the truck and start it.   Apparently, he has adjusted the back brakes but hasn't completely done something...I don't really know why I was doing what I was doing. That was of little importance to me really, I just was trying to be helpful.  Again, I am pretty sure he will never choose this path again.  He proceeded to ask me to put it in gear and take my foot off the clutch.  Ok, things are going well.  He tells me to take it out of gear.  Done.  Then, he asks me to put it in reverse and release the clutch.  This is the exact moment when the stars came out of alignment.  He proceeds to anxiously say "Stop. Stop!".  Then, I hear some not so nice things come out of his mouth...something about how it locked up and the drum was crooked and almost came off.  For about 47 seconds (I was counting, not really), I hear him saying that he shouldn't have done that and that it was jammed on there.  It was about that moment that I look down at where my feet were.  Slowly, I remove my foot from the brake and simply say this, "Honey, does that help?".  I am sweet like that.  He said, "What did you do?  Seriously, did you have your foot on the brake?  I am WORKING on the brakes!".  In my defense, whenever I have been in the driver's seat and he tells me to stop, all four tires are usually on the ground and a quick application of the brakes cause me to actually STOP the truck. 

So, this story is only to make you smile and perhaps a lesson to any of you who might find themselves in a similar situation.  Again, I say to you, I am pretty sure he will NEVER ask me for help again.  He now, too, knows my limitations...


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  1. hilarious!!!! Been there, done that, not with "brakes" per say, but with the helping my man out!!! Such a universal experience where later, much later, humor rises to the top!!!