Monday, January 4, 2010

There's a criminal about.....

If you see her blazing the central Texas countryside with her compadre, Opa (a jolly, tall man with a moustache) in a Ford pickup, sporting a gooseneck livestock trailer holding a black and white, looks-like-a-longhorn-minus-the-horns-and-attempting-to-be-a-jersey-holstein-cross cow, pull over and stay away.  Contact the authorities IMMEDIATELY!  You see, Heather came to our place, stole her cow and ran away without so much as a 30 minute visit.  That is criminal in itself.  Yes, I said it, she stole HER cow.  Miss Ellie and her calf, Indie, have been a visitin' for nearly a month and it's time for them to go to their real home at the Hye Country McCarver's.  Heather and I had big plans of spending oodles of girl time together, making tamales, making cheese, making soap, sipping wine and giggling like school girls.  But, the forces of nature were against us and in true Prairiegirl fashion, you know the kind where you're actually supposed to be responsible, Heather came on a last minute whim and will be here shortly.  So, despite our "plans" that we tried to make, we're livin' like gypsies!  Love you, Heather!

P.S.  Miss Ellie may or may not, in fact, be a longhorn cross.  The now standing joke is that she is part longhorn which makes her unusually resilient to our Texas conditions, but Heather is holding out that she has got some milking shorthorn.  Tit for tat, she is a GREAT family milk that would make a pioneer proud!

Prairie Kerri

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  1. I am afraid people are getting the wrong idea about me. I am also not sure how I feel about being so publicized?-:)